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CMR SYSTEM Project: Development of a modular electro-regenerative chimney system IN852A 2018/18


The CMR SYSTEM consortium formed by 4 Galician companies and the University of Vigo has continued to develop throughout 2020 the tasks foreseen in this project, initiated in March 2018.

Maintaining the objective of the design and development of a modular chimney capable of recovering thermal energy for its subsequent conversion into electrical energy, progress has been made during 2020 according to the initially planned schedule until reaching the phase of tests and trials on the prototype that is in the UVIGO facilities.

The consortium is formed by four Galician companies (DINAK, which leads the project, INTEGASA, ATI SISTEMAS, INSEGA ENERGÍA) together with the Energy Technology Group (GTE) of the University of Vigo. This working group, despite suffering the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, has been able to maintain the initial schedule and tackle the final part of the project according to the initial technical forecast.

CMR SYSTEMS started in March 2018 with a three-year duration and was subsidised by the Galician Agency of Innovation with an eligible budget of 801,942.26 € and is currently in the testing phase.


The aim of the project is the design and development of a modular chimney capable of recovering thermal energy, evacuated by exhaust, for its subsequent conversion into electrical energy, as well as the implementation of 4.0 solutions in communication, controlling the unit from the electronic/sensory point of view.

The objectives that have been achieved and which are already part of the prototype in its final phase are the following:

On behalf of DINAK, the chimney has been studied for the process simulation; it is a modular chimney in AISI 316 quality stainless steel with double wall insulated with rockwool with inner diameter of 300 mm and height 1000 mm, with one module, confined inner tube for the circulation of the exhaust gases. A first prototype is already operational.

INTEGASA has studied the shell and tube heat exchanger with a single pass per tube in the form of a coil with a smooth finned tube. Two cases are studied: steel coil and CuNi coil, both of which are being evaluated.

INSEGA makes it possible to generate communication solutions that are adaptive to the highly demanding environment, allowing data to be collected and monitored in such a way as to establish an objective analysis. Its programmers are currently in the final phase of defining the functionalities.

ATI Sistemas has conducted the study and definition of the variables to be controlled in the prototype demonstrator (external device). It has electrified the system, reducing the technological risks and problems of false measurements.

Below is an image of the overall system in the testing phase:

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