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A spray chiller is an evaporator which uses high-quality nozzles to spray NH3 in very fine droplets over the tubes. The size of the droplets and the angle of the spray are designed for optimal evaporation. During evaporation, the droplets extract heat from the fluid of the tubes (CO2, water, seawater, etc.). This system creates a film over the tubes, producing a cooling effect which increases the thermal cooler’s efficiency. In the video attached, you may see this effect.

INTEGASA uses enhanced tubes in order to obtain a smaller unit with less NH3 charge compared with units that use plain tubes. Our enhanced tubes are designed to take advantage of the good thermal behaviour of the CO2 when it condensates.

With this system, we are able to obtain a difference of 1.5K between both fluids. The internal separator of our spray chillers was designed with the help of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This avoids the need for an external separator and guarantees that any liquid drop flows to the compressor.

INTEGASA has been manufacturing spray chillers since 2008 with no reported leakages mixing CO2 with NH3. For that reason the tube to tube-plate joint has a 5 year guarantee in accordance with the Orgalime S 2012 General Conditions.


There is a 15% improvement on the thermal coefficient using enhanced tubes, when compared with plain tubes.

As the efficiency of enhanced tubes is higher, less surface area is needed. Consequently, the diameter of our spray chillers is smaller.

The NH3 charge is smaller.

Our spray chillers are tailor-made. We can reach a CO2 design pressure of 50 bar and a pressure test of 100 bar in compliance with the French DESP.

Our standard delivery time is 14 working weeks.

INTEGASA can supply double tubes – double tube sheets SPRAY CHILLERS (SAFETY SPRAY CHILLERS) for 100% security in case of any possible leakages.

We work with our sister company MONFASOL in the assembly of the complete skid. Our competitive advantage is that our customers can supply pumps, valves, etc., buying these components directly. MONFASOL does not charge for / make a profit on these components. For that reason, customer cost savings for the complete skid are around 20%.

Spray Chiller video

Chiller shell and tube


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