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Old logo of Integasa - Heat Exchangers

The first (and old) logo of Industrias Técnicas de Galicia, S.A. – Integasa – tried to represent in a simple and basic way the function of its main products, the heat exchangers, with a graphic style typical of the time.


Construction of the Integasa warehouse in 1973

  This is how it all began at Industrias Técnicas de Galicia, S.A. – Integasa – with the construction of the first plant in 1973, right where it is now  more than 50 years later, today expanded and updated.

Old Integasa workshop

The first and old workshop of Industrias Técnicas de Galicia, S.A. – Integasa – in the mid-70s, today, in 2023, around 50 years later, it seems something very far away, nothing to do with what it is now.

Old Integasa workshop

The technology and machinery that was originally used in Industrias Técnicas de Galicia – Integasa – today arouses our curiosity and is somewhat striking, compared to today.

Old integrated industrial warehouse

The old and first warehouse of Industrias Técnicas de Galicia, S.A. – Integasa – seen from the air at the beginning of the 80s (of the last century), where you can also appreciate the origin of the industrial estate where the company is still located 50 years later.

Integasa former director and authorities at fair

Javier Sobrini was the founder of Industrias Técnicas de Galicia, S.A. in 1974 and its director for more than 30 years. Here we can see him together with the former mayor of Vigo, greeting other authorities during a fair in which Integasa participated.

projects for nuclear sector

  In its beginnings, Industrias Técnicas de Galicia – Integasa – was highly oriented to the maritime or naval sector, over time, in the company, they began to carry out projects for new, more strategic sectors, such as nuclear. In the photo you can see some of the first equipment for this sector that today is an important part of the development of the company.

Old technical office for the design of projects

The technical office for the design of projects has changed a lot. This was the one of Industrias Técnicas de Galicia – Integasa – when the technical drawing table, the technigraph, the square, the bevel were still used… So, ours was not yet hyper-computerized and hyper-connected as it is now.

Integasa News Atlántico Diario 1989

    It can be said that Industrias Técnicas de Galicia – Integasa – has always been very well treated by the press. His projects and achievements have been at different times prominent in the media. On this occasion, reference was made to new plans for the EEC, then the “European Union”, in 1989.

unit for marine sector

    Javier Sobrini, CEO and founder of Industrias Técnicas de Galicia, S.A. – Integasa –, together with Paco Covelo Factory Director and Henry van der Steen Commercial Director of the company, in front of a unit for the Grand Princess, built at Fincantieri in 1997. (In the photo from left to right Paco Covelo, Henry van der Steen and Javier Sobrini).

Steam condenser

    Steam condenser manufactured in the 90s (last century 😉) by Industrias Técnicas de Galicia. A challenge in the thermal and mechanical design of the time, a hallmark of INTEGASA projects since its inception in 1974.

aero-refrigerants thermal design

    One of the leading products in the 90s were aero-refrigerants. These allow the condensation and/or cooling of the process gas or liquid through heat exchange with air driven by fans. A thermal design challenge, fan selection…

heaters for chemical tankers

Between 2004 and 2008, Industrias Técnicas de Galicia –Integasa– designed and manufactured more than 100 cargo heaters for chemical tankers. Projects with a high level of specifications and requirements have always been a hallmark of our company.

kettle type equipment

Since its inception, Industrias Técnicas de Galicia, S.A. –Integasa– was highly specialized in marine equipment for the naval sector. Starting in 2009, the way was opened for the company to supply equipment in markets with higher demands such as the chemical and petrochemical sectors, and shortly after in the nuclear sector. The one in the photo is a “kettle” type equipment for an Italian client.

skids, heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

When we started assembling skids it suddenly seemed to us that it was like doing a puzzle. We no longer only designed and manufactured heat exchangers and containers, but we could offer a comprehensive, “plug in” service. Furthermore, our design department began to project the skids in 3D and everything turned out to be even more complete.

NH3, RSW, condensers, titanium equipment.

Industrias Técnicas de Galicia, S.A. – Integasa – began manufacturing titanium equipment in 2001. Since that moment, thousands of NH3, RSW, etc. condensers. They left our factory. It was quite a challenge to master the welding of the tubes to the tubular sheets.

Freon condensers for marine sector

Until 2005, Industrias Técnicas de Galicia – INTEGASA – focused mainly on the marine sector. Freon condensers were the “star” product in those years. More than 600 units were manufactured per year. All equipment was custom-designed (tailor-made), adapting the positions and sizes of connections and supports to what the client required. Today we continue with that philosophy, adapting our designs to the needs of our clients.


Industrias Técnicas de Galicia - Heat Exchangers logos

In the corporate image of Industrias Tecnicas de Galicia – Integasa – over time you can see the evolution of values, activity and company concept that at every moment it tries to transmit to clients, suppliers, personnel of the company itself, the market and even to society. These are the logos from the beginning, in 1974, to the present, which, as can be seen, changed like the company itself.


SINCE 1974

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