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Double tube heat exchanger
Double Tube Spray Chiller for Heat Pump

Double tube-tubesheet spray chiller (SAFETY SPRAY CHILLER).

Supply of spray chillers to eliminate any risk of leakage and mixing between fluids.

Tube material: inox-CS, Ti-CS, etc.

Tube-tube plate joint: Expanded + welded.

High performance tubes (improved) developed by INTEGASA.

One spray chiller: water cooler / NH3 – 1.060 kW with only 2K of difference between the water and the evaporation temperature, delivered to a heat pump in Switzerland.

Double tubes: Carbon Steel on the NH3 side and SS316L (1.4404) on the water side.

Other combinations of materials are available: CS + Ti; CS + CS, etc.

In the last years, large capacity heat pumps have increasingly turned to the natural refrigerant R717 (NH3 ammonia) due to its obvious ecological and economic advantages. Heat pumps manufacturing by Integasa are individually adapted, designed according to the analysis of the user’s needs (from the production of one’s own heat needs to part of a heating network). For this, we use the residual heat from the refrigeration facilities and wastewater treatment plants as well as natural heat sources, then depending on the heat source, we increase the temperature until reaching a level of 50 to 80 ° C, following a one- or two-step process. The advantages of this system are its high efficiency and safe operation.
Spray Chiller: Water Cooler / NH3


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